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Christmas 2023

Remembrance Day 2023

Halloween Party 2023

Evening out The Mentalist Eric Samuels

Porpoise Bay Tie-dye T-shirt Day 2023

Beach Day Summer Program 2023

Iris Griffith Centre

Pacific National Exhibition 2023

Cliff Gilker Park Summer Program 2023

Dr Sun Yat Sen Classical Garden

Thormanby Island Summer 2023

Langdale Heights Golf Summer Program 2023

Super Value Community Contribution Grant June 2023

June 2023

Sunshine Coast Quilters Guild May 2023 serving treats

Planting the Garden May 2023

15th Anniversary Celebration

January - April 2023 Cooking and Nutrition Classes

with support of a grant from the Sunshine Coast Foundation

January 2023

Christmas 2022

Halloween Fun 2022

Sarah Turns 40!

March 2022

Christmas 2021

October 2021 Events

September 2021 Reopening!

Jeannie Barwise Farewell Picnic

Bricker Cidery

Birthdays and Celebrations

Adventures & Community Fun